To Spitiko mas

The Experience

At “To Spitiko Mas”

you will discover the traditional Santorini cuisine; enjoying a creative, interactive and upbeat culinary experience.

Through our love for the local cuisine, we will teach you the traditional recipes of the island, with fresh ingredients sourced from small producers of our village used in each class.

Interactive culinary experience

During this interactive culinary experience you will get to create a complete traditional meal (salad, appetisers & main course), all of us together but also everyone separately under the guidance of our chef. 

Once our lesson is over we will enjoy the meal we have created, paired with the famous Santorini Assyrtiko wine. All of us together as a family at “To Spitiko Mas”.

At the end of the class, you will be able to choose where to enjoy their meal; either inside our stone cave house, or outside on our secluded patio or outside on our veranda under our impressive bougainvillea tree.

All of the produce used during the class are included in the price and at the end of the lesson participants will receive to take with them their apron as well as the recipes used during the class.

cook, eat and drink with us, together as a family

in “To Spitiko Mas”

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